It Began in 2006

When I saw a shred truck for the first time, I saw an incredible opportunity. Most people I know find shredding dull and boring; I find it extremely sexy!

Tino Fluckiger

That’s how ShredWise came to life!

Founder, and CEO, Tino Fluckiger bought his first shred truck with the goal of destroying confidential documents for concerned customers. With a passion for great service, success and creativity, Tino has made it a personal goal to share his enthusiasm for the shredding industry with his team, their customers and a franchise network that extends across Canada and eventually into the US market.

Factoid: Why ShredWise?

It’s a wise idea to shred all of your important, confidential documents, so ShredWise just seemed like an obvious fit. But we also appreciate the owl integrated into our logo; a creature that is regarded as trustworthy, dependable and discreet.

Now you know!


“To make our clients extremely happy by selling the ultimate in personality, creativity and security.”


“North America will know us as the Premium Onsite Mobile Shredding franchise, delivering peace of mind, value, personality and integrity to our customers each and every interaction.”


#1 Do the RIGHT thing!

#2 Be the BEST, be #1.

#3 Win as a TEAM

#4 Bring out the best in our PEOPLE.

#5 PROFIT by making our customers happy.