Paper shredding needs vary based on the size of your business or residential requirements. As a solutions based company, ShredWise is continually working to create options that are the right fit for you. Our solution for your smaller shredding needs are the The UPS Stores. Our longstanding and trustworthy partnership with The UPS Stores allows you to personally deposit your confidential documents into our on-site secure containers in preparation for on-site destruction. Our certified technicians work closely with The UPS Store staff to safeguard your confidential information so that you can enjoy the same peace of mind experience as if you were to put paper through your own home shredder. Don’t hesitate, call our friendly Shreducators today to determine what the best shredding option is for you!

Select a location to view drop off addresses:

THE UPS STORE #117- UNIT 142 – 757 WEST HASTINGS STREET VANCOUVER BC V6C 1A1     Phone:  604-688-8848

THE UPS STORE #177- 3381 CAMBIE STREET VANCOUVER BC V5Z 4R3                                        Phone:  604-871-0038

THE UPS STORE #209- 280 NELSON STREET VANCOUVER BC V6B 2E2                                       Phone:  604-608-6681

THE UPS STORE #347- 6362 FRASER STREET VANCOUVER BC V5W 0A1                                     Phone:  604-326-6860

THE UPS STORE #212- 2912 W Broadway VANCOUVER BC V6K 2G6                                                Phone:  604-739-9070

THE UPS STORE #407 (MAIN STREET)- 2818 MAIN STREET VANCOUVER BC V5T 0C1           Phone:  604-874-6860

THE UPS STORE #446- 3345 KINGSWAY VANCOUVER BC V5R 0A7                                                Phone: 604-566-9105

THE UPS STORE #501- 71 W 2ND AVENUE VANCOUVER BC VY 0J7                                               Phone: 604-620-8881

THE UPS STORE #94- 1917 W. 4TH AVENUE VANCOUVER BC V6J 1M7                                         Phone:  604-731-1048

THE UPS STORE #325- 4111 HASTINGS STREET BURNABY BC V5T 6T7                                                   Phone:  604-205-5888

THE UPS STORE #456- UNIT #105-7655 EDMONDS ST BURNABY BC V3N 0C3                                     Phone:  604-528-9232

THE UPS STORE #48- 1489 MARINE DRIVE WEST VANCOUVER BC V7T 1B8                                          Phone:  604-926-3542

THE UPS STORE #17- 7184 120TH STREET SURREY BC V3W 0M6                                                              Phone:  604-591-9995

THE UPS STORE #52- 19567 Fraser Hwy SURREY BC V3S 9A4                                                                       Phone:  604-532-8509

THE UPS STORE #92- 15355 24TH AVENUE SURREY BC V4A 2H9                                                              Phone:  604-535-0052

THE UPS STORE #181- 552A CLARK ROAD COQUITLAM BC V3J 0A3                                                         Phone:  604-931-6377

THE UPS STORE #248- 255 NEWPORT DRIVE PORT MOODY BC V3H 5H1                                               Phone:  604-461-9333

THE UPS STORE #445- 15216 NORTH BLUFF ROAD WHITE ROCK BC V4B 0A7                           Phone:   778-294-2512

THE UPS STORE #92 – 15355 24TH AVE SURREY BC V4A 2H9                                                            Phone:   604-535-0052

THE UPS STORE #77 (DELTA)- 5158 48TH AVENUE DELTA BC V4K 5B6                                                     Phone:  604-940-2080